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They weren't an open couple, they did not swing, but...

Duración: 44:37 minutos

Tamaño: 299 Mb.

Actrices: Noa, Tomy, Xavi y Luna.

87012 visitas

Serie: Pervirtiendo Parejas

Xavi and Luna came to our camereas shooting their first porn video and, even them being pervy and exhibitionists, they stated they were not swingers, and they even saw as really difficult any chance of swinging. That was, at least, until they knew about FAKings and visited our Perverting Couples show. And that first experience was what made them decide to celebrate their first swinging ever, with Tomy and Noa as masters of ceremonies. Today, yes, will be the first time Xavi watches Luna delighted with the taste of another man's cock in front of him, how she enjoys another man's dong bewteen her legs. of course, he'll have a good time too, in front of her girlfriend, as Noa gives head and rides him. We press on perverting vanilla couples. Do you want us to do the same with yours?



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