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Exchange Student Girls

Number of videos: 32 - Number of girls: 27 - Spanish porn hours: 11:22 hours and minutes

We spend all day from party to party making contacts to get the finest recruits from each university. in Exchange Student Girls we take advantage of the sluts they become when they're far from home to get ourselves fucked to death with babes in need for easy money to finance their mindless partying in Spain and willing to do it with their pussies. They came in a merry Erasmus Exchange program and they ended knowing the Spanish Orgasmus, know what's really going into the Spanish Universities thanks to our website.

Arnaldo Series

Number of videos: 1574 - Number of girls: 282 - Spanish porn hours: 587:29 hours and minutes

I invite you to share with me the porn you want to watch, those situations you can only fantasize about and are only in my head, in our heads. 100% REAL. We distillate our ideas to present you with the scenes NO ONE ELSE DARES.

Behind FAKings

Number of videos: 0 - Number of girls: 0 - Spanish porn hours: 00:00 hours and minutes

What's Behind FAKings? Interview, bloppers, unvaluable moments. The porn from inside, a new perspective you never saw before. Crazy, weird, funny. The novelty series where you'll get to know FAKings better.

FAKings Castings

Number of videos: 227 - Number of girls: 76 - Spanish porn hours: 104:02 hours and minutes

We meet in our premises with girls dreaming of being actresses or the excuse of a job interview. Some questions, nothing sexual. Once they're here, alone, innocent, helpless, some of them can't...

Blowjob Lessons

Number of videos: 6 - Number of girls: 1 - Spanish porn hours: 00:40 hours and minutes

Our FAKings girls will teach you in the fine arts of a good blowjob. The tricks of the trade to drive us insane, how to deepthroat, the proper teabag-licking. You came for the blowjob? Here you have free oral sex.


Number of videos: 359 - Number of girls: 91 - Spanish porn hours: 152:29 hours and minutes

MILF Club, the Spanish Milf website where the sweet moms from sunny Spain teach good sex lessons. We put them together with inexperienced youngsters who very well could be their own sons to teach these kids what means to fuck an experienced milf.

FAKings slutwalk

Number of videos: 7 - Number of girls: 1 - Spanish porn hours: 01:06 hours and minutes

We take our girls for a walk, we go shopping with them, we pay for their dinner. We treat them like true princesses with a single condition: they must wear a powerful remote controlled vibrator inside their pussies and... discover it!

Ainara's Diary

Number of videos: 25 - Number of girls: 15 - Spanish porn hours: 18:00 hours and minutes

Hi! I'm Ainara, and I'm only 18 and 4 months. I debuted in porn because I needed some money to run from home (I could not stand my olds) and because I like sex a lot... even if before that I only had experience in touching myself. I enjoyed being groped and surrounded by dicks all the time I signed a contract with FAKings so I can sustain myself and live alone! I'm a really responsible girl and I still go to high school but when I get out of class... I can't stop fucking. This is my diary and in it I tell all the little things that happen to me. Hope you like it!

Night Visitor

Number of videos: 6 - Number of girls: 1 - Spanish porn hours: 01:09 hours and minutes

The night visitors sneak into sleeping girls' rooms to satiate their secret pervs. They don't seem to notice the Night Visitor is stalking them. It's only normal, it's usually someone known: boyfriends, relatives, friends.

FAKings casting

Number of videos: 6 - Number of girls: 12 - Spanish porn hours: 01:08 hours and minutes

They don't know what they're coming for. We appoint meetings with girls and taking advantage of their candidness a strange work interview becomes their first por scene. They come alone and once they cross the threshold of our doors they've no escape.

Virtual Reality

Number of videos: 55 - Number of girls: 13 - Spanish porn hours: 05:11 hours and minutes

Put on your VR gear, get comfortable and enjoy the best porn as if you live it live and you were the absolute protagonist. Reality to the maximum with FAKings' VR videos.

FAKins Wild Party

Number of videos: 8 - Number of girls: 9 - Spanish porn hours: 04:56 hours and minutes

We rent a VIP lounge, a lot of alcohol and hunt the club for amateur girls to invite them a drink. The girls get drunk and we get our porn party ;). FAKings Wild Parties is a complete uproar. FAKings Wild Parties is madness, FAKings Wild PArties is that party club you would love to be. We silver tongue all those alcohol soaked females to get carried away and before they know they are participating in an inprovised orgy where they are overwhelmed by the amount of dicks. Fancy a drink, pardner?

First FAKings

Number of videos: 43 - Number of girls: 14 - Spanish porn hours: 07:18 hours and minutes

First FAKings !

Fuck me, fool!

Number of videos: 528 - Number of girls: 188 - Spanish porn hours: 236:37 hours and minutes

Fuck me, fool. We meet cute little Spanish girls with the worst reputation and fuck them for money. Young, matures, big boobed, thick, all of them parade across our fancy chalet to pay for their whims and vices the only way they know: letting themselves be fucked and recorded. If she's starting in porn, if a girl dreams of becoming a porn model, don't doubt she's got a scene in Fuck me, fool. Oh, by the way, we're specialized in anal sex, you only have to come in to see it.

Fuck them!

Number of videos: 468 - Number of girls: 129 - Spanish porn hours: 199:59 hours and minutes

Yeah, it's us, the website who opened the contest where women compete among themselves hiding cameras and calling plumbers, delivery boys, commercial agents, room services... even security! to tease them and fuck them and get all that on video. You haven't seen anything like that... And if you're a woman, Do you dare? If you're a girl and want to get in, we'll set the cameras, if you don't have one.

Innocent 18

Number of videos: 7 - Number of girls: 5 - Spanish porn hours: 05:16 hours and minutes

Only teens (Better if just in their 18's) ready to lose their innocence. We trick cute little girls with the promise of getting making them pornstars and once they're in our hotel room they've got no way back. All them get scared when they see our sadistic jocks, we force them, we humiliate them... we fuck them as no one did before. Some of them end up crying, some of them delighted, but all of them have some in common: they exit through that door with their innocence taken from them. A website that will trigger some sensibilities and everyone else will love.

FAKings Academy

Number of videos: 19 - Number of girls: 38 - Spanish porn hours: 15:12 hours and minutes

Welcome to FAKings Academy! Where highschool boys and girls from 18 to 20 assist to our lectures to learn what's life about (is sex ;) ). We teach them orgy 101, bukkake 101 and a lot of naughty topics to transform our dear pupils into willing sluts and fucker jocks.

Darte's Pleasures

Number of videos: 12 - Number of girls: 10 - Spanish porn hours: 00:22 hours and minutes

This series is devoted to the hallucinogenic creations of our director Fenix Darte, who shares with you a particular vision about skin, sex and paraphilias he meets. Model introductions, wet dreams, juicy fantasies or sexual surrealism, those are some of the topics you'll find in this section, only for the restless minds who want to see in a different way something we've been shown a thousand ways: SEX.

My first DP

Number of videos: 14 - Number of girls: 21 - Spanish porn hours: 08:37 hours and minutes

The day already came and there it is: her first double penetration (Two dicks tearing at the same time the pussy and ass of our young girls). If they keep sweet memories of their prom night, why not of their first double penetration? Pleasure and pain, specially pain, in another raw, real 100% FAKings reality. These girls are waiting for you to share such magical moments.

Very Voyeur

Number of videos: 11 - Number of girls: 6 - Spanish porn hours: 04:21 hours and minutes

The website of the Spanish voyeur with videos sent by yourselves: busted fingering sisters, voyeur beach videos, peeping toms apying on hot neighbours... The videos the truly Spanish voyeurs enjoy. Because a lot of us really know the pleasure of watching.

FaKings es porno Amateur

FAKings: amateur porn videos and homemade sex. In the last 6 years FAKings has become the synonymous for Spanish amateur porn. Here you’ll find free porn videos of every kind, the ones you like, our ons: hidden camera porn, real swinger couples, runaway schoolgirls and girls who celebrate their 18th birthday filming porn, real cuckolds willing or not, voyeur Spanish videos filmed in our Spanish beaches and never seen in Spain. Want more? Then get inside our FAKings universe :-)

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